I want to thank you…
I want to say I’m glad that I can talk to you once more
The news has reached my ears, you are doing it!
You are building the world,
You are bringing joy to the world!
You say no to thieves and psychopaths,
You stand your ground and you are powerful!
Thank you,

You keep the light for yet another generation,
You bring reason and compassion,
You do not scream your way throw life,
But with your gentle touch you change the world,
Thank you,

I have no words to say how much I adore you,
You are the song in a noisy world,
You are the future,
You are the one which doesn’t hurt, but heal,
Thank you,

You do not hit children, you raise them,
You do not force them, you explain,
You do not get discouraged, you learn,
You do not get frustrated, you surpass yourself,
Thank you,

You work and do not beg,
Take pride in everything you do,
Respect yourself and others for the good things they do,
You make me admire you,
You make me try to reach your level,
You live a life that matters and you shall be remembered
Thank you!