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Poetry and short texts. Words that shape invisible statues

I Walk Like a Million Thoughts

Duplicates, illusions, and fire,
Despicable art that sings like a choir,
More water to pour on my wound,
Hoping to run into the soft ground.

All these seismic regrets,
Leads to a life of a marionette,
Golden teeth poke through the skin,
I’ll take my life for a nice little spin.

Millions of spikes cut deep,
My steps are too steep,
I walk like a million thoughts,
Thinking of all the missed shots.


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I’ve made a Book! “Anxiety Square”

Hello everyone that subscribed for updates from my blog, I published a Kindle book with 50 poems from my blog that are remastered and some partially rewritten.

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If you have the time a would appreciate a comment and a rating of what you think of it. Thank you for the time you spent reading my poetry!

Wonderful day!
Charcoal B

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Small Children’s Car

I don’t like how the fruit is high,
All day I want to achieve the day’s work,
I feel like a climber with no legs,
With the drive of a small children’s car,
I see that the sand keeps collapsing,
From the beautiful crystalline shape,
Never used to care much about it,
Now each grain makes me drop down in pain.
The world spins in a hurry, shedding souls in high FPS,
Like an old movie projector,
That drags its film through the light in a blink,
I hope it’s long, I hope for me,
So sad would be to end this movie,
Without a climax, without being me.

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You Lied To The Truth

Age your corners,
Geometrical confusion,
Brings clarity to lines and to points,
Dimensions above would just linger,
In some quest that we heart.

In our past, we desire the future,
Eating whole illusions and lies,
Feasting firm on vacuum and stillness,
While our minds peddle hard and above,
We feel safer, all the warmth from o lifetime,
Just now.

If you eye your geometry,
For truth,
If you mind your true actions,
For fruit,
You will find that you lied to the truth.

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The luckiest

Alone in the darkness with no one but me,
Fiddling endlessly with ideas that slide free,
I lost hope that my mind will meet…
What it seems to be, thee.

I’m amazed that we fit so perfectly,
My heart melts when you are thee.
Debilitating for me to witness you.
Grateful for the chance to learn from you.

The only question why have we met?
Why did my luck choose you?
You need to teach me something,
You need to pour it into my soul.

I can’t anticipate you because I didn’t learn you.
I couldn’t imagine you because I didn’t know you.
I couldn’t speak to you because you were silent.
Speak now.



Fingers touched by winter freeze,
If you sit, all the heat sips.
You can only die if you freeze,
When all you are stops,
When movement ends.
And you have the heat in you,
It will freeze, you won’t move.

And all the winters that you won,
The cold you felt and moved,
Moved because you wanted to postpone,

Will it matter?


Hands are full of dirt, from the middle earth,
I push them down in the mud, fingers got caught,
I tried to pull them out, but something got stuck.

Roots that reach the core, feeding through the husk.

Jurney within, where the story grows,
This uncarved stone blows.

I see the middle, always made of light,
Even if the journey is all black and white,
Through thick soil, even in the rock,
There is always something resembling a crack.


A Piece of Brain

A piece of brain splattered on the floor,
You may be horrified,
You may be like a psychopath in a candy store.

The world is a weird place,
Full of violent actions, full of buried dead.
There is always someone that giggles in their head.

They have all the power to be predators,
Preying like a tower over the lost souls.
Rubbing their hands, tightening the noose,
There is always someone giggling obtuse.

Earth Gets Inside You

The dark tunnel in a lightless hill,
The road full of terrors makes ill,
When the naked foot unrolls,
You can feel the screams of being.

The darker it is, havier the hill,
Eyes left at the entrance, you just need will.
The tunnel deep, burrowing with hands,
Earth gets inside you, even more than the night.

It is said that a light, is always at the end,
A hill can’t be infinite, he must have a death.
Breaching in the sun that you’ll never see,
Remember your eyes? You will never see.

Dark Matter Growls

Complexity strikes as my mind fails to start,
All the layers go dark underrepresented neural part.
My mind had a hard time keeping up with the world,
There is so much going on, my dark matter growls.
The more you keep up the faster it spins,
Layer by layer reality wins.
There is information, only time is scarce,
Today you pay for attention, or you will be swept away.
Reality wins, there is always more,
Our universe, infinite, not only in size but in lore.


Stuck in the Dark Ooze

Not a thought to soon, I put my glasses that I wish I had, down.
I try to raise with all my anemic blood the leaky pen, my hand.
There is no paper, traces can be found only if I dig too deep, in garbage.
There is a thought that might get stuck in this dark ooze, no clues.
I write with my left, so all I do is spread the ink, like a tattoo.
I just want to write the present down, to relive it forever.
Never turn me into the past, at least not until the ink settles.

So Much Clearer

Tears on the move,
With big fingers dripping on,
As redness fills the skin.

Once again water wins.
There is no way to keep it in,
Only embrace the salty stream.

So much is said about tears,
That tear you up and make you squeal.
All lies, it only makes you show your fear.

The end is so much clearer,
The mind is sharp just like a spear.
Just a few drops have saved you countless years.

Chest goes Dark

When your chest goes dark,
Do as everyone else and change,
Change your heart.

When your mind misfires,
Illusions get hold of reality,
Play nice, play with fire.

When your legs won’t move,
Get on your knees,
Pull with your fingertips.

When your world gets crushed,
Gasp for breath,
Because you were drowning in a well.

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