I can’t be the best,
I can’t be the worst,
Never will I become what I imagine,
When I was young, younger, I hoped,
Without basis, without reason,
I hoped and I sat still as I imagined.
I believed that reality will be my fantasy,
To sit on a vague idea about meaning,
To feel happiness and independence in my veins,
I have failed, as every day that’s now in the past,
Even when I achieved some meaningless steps,
I failed because it didn’t make me happier,
It didn’t make me whole.
Reality will not conform to what I believe,
My twisted image is revealed with every passing day,
All that I believe to be is just my own imagination,
I am something else, something different.
This animal that looks so lost in the mirror,
It has a face, strong teeth that grind,
And all he looks for is something new so he can fail.