I have a great question!
Why is the world torn between evil and good?
There is so much symmetry it is hard but you should,
Take out a brain, look, it’s made out of two,
You get right or left but never a frontal cortex.

The world is made up of clues,
Sprinkled between an infinite number of two’s,
Of legs and breasts, pairing them up, just give it a rest,
Nothing is certain but the way computer process,
Getting a pair, running like mad,
Building the virtual world in a jar.

What can we expect?
A world that’s divided between us and them,
A child that’s born from the merge of two cells,
Happiness that fades to despair, only to be switched by the bell.

This reality has always two parts,
Has always a choice,
Embrace your duality and regain your voice.