Wow, the world is so complex that when you look,
You think you see, yet all you do is take a better resolution pic.
You fit your brain with telelens and zoom like crazy,
In time you’ll age, the storage will fade, you may even be half digital,
You can’t get to the end, zoom until you get the gray underlining matrix of squares.
Still, you try just for fun, just to see if you can get a better shot than your father,
Still, you try because you hear something calling from your matter,
Is it cosmic energy or is it the rancid butter, couldn’t care less, it’s the desire that matters.
We are all in an art show, bringing our photos judging by value,
Getting smiles when our work is the talk of the hour.

Not so fast, you don’t think some will get angry?
That their camera is not fancy, and their zoom is only 2x?
You can see that they would shove you in a blink of a flash,
Setting the standards that they want so their crappy photos,
With big pixels, cut corners just trash will be elevated,
Put your black square beside Monalisa, call it the same,
Maybe even better, don’t work hard, don’t invest,
Just sabotage truth, sabotage beauty, sabotage everything that you can never be.
In the end, you will still be angry, because you didn’t have the right lens.