Have you ever been the loser with high expectations,
Promised to change the world,
Yet can’t tie his shoes?

Having all the gifts, making all the lists,
Getting through school with remarkable wits.
Getting everything right but you lack the lips?

Everything you try you can’t quite make it,
You fear that the standard you set,
Will bring even the mightiest to unsettle.

Half done, half broke, you stumble to find what you ought,
While people praise you for things that you never got.
There is a sadness that they didn’t even have a shot.

There is a madness that you can win,
Even if they build countless layers of fences to keep you in,
One hand slaps while the other pats, making you mad.

There is something that will set you free,
Something that no one ever told thy.
You have to decide, put your big pants on,
Stop relying on others to build what you own.
Get a big bucket and a business cap,
Get right to work and never stop.
Don’t let yourself time to pause,
And your brain will devote himself to the cause.
There is no easy way, not if you want to be proud,
Nothing gets done with hands up your bum.
You need to find something, you need to care,
That way you will never let yourself lose focus, you won’t dare.