People hate choice, we are born without it, we grow with very little and some day we must choose for ourselves, all the time, and some day we must choose for our children. Choice is hard, but without choice, freedom is just a word, without freedom we are slaves. Slaves to whom you may ask, to each other, to you, to me, to him and her, we all fight and vote to curb someone’s freedom, in numbers we thing we find the truth, not in reason. O, the lesson’s thought so early in our life, imprinted, memories like smell are never forgotten. So we vote to select amoung ourselves the masters, that will call themselves our servants, in what twisted world we live in where the servants make laws for you, the people. I wish we all just stop, and think about what we are doing, but choice is hard, not many have the will to brake the chain. As we all vote, and feel so in control, the bureaucrats are busy, with little pens they wright the laws that tell you how to live, one today, ten tomorrow, the list is getting longer, so long one day that you will have no choice but read your future from their book and ask yourself, how could I choose this?