Today we are weak,
Technology in flesh,
Enabler of everything,
Bored no more,
Hungry no more,
Sad no more,
We have technology for everything,
And yet we are not happy,
Dependent on illusions,
We run from problems, like never before.
And in our illusions, we are controllable.

Reality fades, and we are looking for the next fix,
Of technology, of something to make us forget,
Forget that we exist, problems,
Problems that need fixing,
Life that is passing,
World that needs changing.

Have we become so small?
That we can throw away the gift?
Our life, short and unique.
Our mind, our ideas.

Stand up, don’t let your life end,
Consumed by petty things,
Unimportant, avoidant,
Don’t set yourself for regret,
On you dying bed.