Have you ever thought, I am the one.
Unique, fresh, powerful, logical, kind?
Have you ever thought, I am the change.
Not waiting for help, but acting.
Have you ever thought, I can do this.
Not discouraged, not put down.

I am different.
Not scared, thrilled.
I am the change.
It can happen now, or in another generation.
I am an individual and not a group.
I think and I act, independently.
I am not a race, I am not a gender.
I am an individual.
I respect myself, and others.
I don’t aggress, I teach.
I am ideas, principles and perseverance.
I don’t use force, I use reason.

I help and I am helped,
I produce and I grow,
I am part of the world,
But I’m not the world.