You are your actions and the effects of your actions,
That is true.

You are not your job,
You are not your name,
You are not your past,
You are not what others say you are,
You are what you say you are,
You become what you want to become, or what you don’t resist.

Who you are?
Time, and as time you are never the same.

Give up the pursuit of titles and descriptions and focus on acting and failing until you

What do you feel?
How do you want to feel?

Lets go deeper.
You are confined by the limits of you body, but your imagination is not.
You are your heart and you are every cell of you body.
You are especially you mind with emotions and thoughts.
You are other people, you are all the people you ever met.

If you are all of this, what else do you need?
Close you eyes and separate yourself from others expectations and desires.
Meet yourself and ask you what you need.
Don’t put it into word, you are talking to yourself.
Feel it, understand it, accept it.
Do you feel a sense of release, of understanding of your own limits?
As long as you know you have limits you will be able to choose.
As long as you know you are going to die you will know how to live.

What are you?
Remember what you really are…
You are atoms and sparks,
Levers and invisible hands,
Stories and gods,
Feelings and food.
You are the universe looking at itself.
You are complex.

Even if you can’t know everything,
Even if you can’t do everything.
Even if you can’t know who you are.