I was walking on the street from my home in Bucharest and after 3 minutes I see in front of a school, near me, a fight. A fight not between two men, not between two children, but between a child and a security guard. The guard was pulling and grabbing the 14 years old child as he wanted to shove him in the school yard. The child tried to run, he grabbed desperately on the fence as the 90-100 kg man tried to subdue him. As he grabbed the fence, he screamed “I am not from here, let me go!”

As I recovered from my initial shock, I sprinted towards the scene and asked the logical question “what is going on?” As I ask, the security guard stops and releases the child from his hands, not looking at me, they started to swear at each other. “@%#@, #@$%^%$, You #$%#” etc. As I asked again the security guard told me he left school, he jumped over the fence and he tries to keep him in school. At this time the child called his father and told him over the phone that a man was beating him. The father arrived shortly, as he lived across the street. As it turns out the child learnt in another school and the guard mistakenly grabbed him from the street to shove him in the institution, with violence, without questions. As the father called the police and yelled at the guard and the child stood there with his wristwatch in his hand, dismantled in the fight, I pondered, I understood the situation of the world.

We are incapable to negotiate, we live in a world of “You do as I say, because I have more power”. We are unable to express ourselves rationally, and those who are capable are not heard. You cannot understand the language of peace and negotiation if you were not thought. Why do we feel the need to make other people obey us, why are we so knowledgeable about how others live their lives? This instant in time condensed the world. You obey, the guard enforces, the rules are not known and changing, the child grows, he accepts that the world is this way, he doesn’t change it, repeat. In the country that shoves children in schools, wrong schools, I live.