Can you really understand another?
I seem to think that is not possible,
Not in a significant manner,
Let me explain,
I ask a man the time,
He understood, and answers,
I point at an object, we both recognise it.
I ask about what’s right or wrong,
He doesn’t know anymore,
We lost the synchronicity,
We argue, and we think,
Both are right, none talk about the same ideas.
In the realm of ideas and abstractions, people get lost,
How can we agree when we are not looking at the same things,
Every idea has a back story, we are not machines,
Every thought has a second one hidden,
We express the thought but the back story is different,
For each and every one of us.

And I ask myself, how can we agree when we never talk about the same ideas?
What can I say when I ask the time and the answer is “no”.