I’ve cut the rational part in me because, I feared my irrational one,
I can’t think and feel at the same time, not in this world,
For thinking breads fear when applied to the world of the real,
Illusions help calm me down and manage my emotions,
To see the world naked of confusion is the first step of existence,
But first I have to understand that I don’t exist, not yet,
For not only my world was an illusion but also myself.

Everyone wants to change the world, but that is impossible.
Change can only occur in oneself, in me…
I have no power outside my own body.
Change comes from within, but were exactly?
From structure and emotion, logic and love.

And change is hard, I see the broken actions in myself,
But understanding and acting, far apart, not even close.
I need emotion as much as logic, one can not solve the problems of the other,
For logic is blind and can’t find the problem, logic can only solve it.
I use emotions to see where it hurts, not easy and not pleasant.
I have to take the thorns out of my foot, I can’t just ignore them.