When is the last time you resolved a conflict?
I mean resolve, not ignore, not yell, I mean agree.
And if you agreed what was it based on?
Logic? A common methodology? or opinions and beliefs?
Do you appreciate people who strive for better minds?
Do you look down or up to them?
So if you don’t use logic, why do you think?
Who benefits if you don’t have a methodology?
Who wishes, who prays that you look down at people who surpass you?
O, that is a good question, and questions…
When was the last time that you just stopped and question?
Not what’s the time, or when’s the show, but question yourself and others,
The world, the wheels the levers, the powers?
Do you have a model of the world? The structure, the layers?
If you do, I must congratulate you, if you don’t I must ask you why?
Who benefits if you don’t ask?
You find it boring? I really don’t think that, I know you kid…
I know you as a kid, you wandered, you searched…
Why did you stop? Were you stopped? Who?
You feel emotion? anxiety? Why? Who put it there?
Who punished you for questions? Who pulled you on the beaten path?
Who said, no, not right, not like that, don’t do that, stay here, don’t move, no, no, no, no…
Who filled you with “no” and put no reason in, or argument, or logic, only authority, only, listen to me,
Don’t question, don’t think, obey. It was someone, maybe many, they looked you down.
They trapped you with feelings and now you feel fear, or indifference, or anger, and you will not pass that line,
They drew a line in the sand, they marked your cage of words and feelings…
Will you sit there? Will you waste your life? Give yourself a chance, reconnect with you, search find the puzzle pieces,
Find them and begin to build a better world, for me and you and even for the ones that wanted you to fail…