I was thinking about writing, when you write better, what makes it better and I concluded the following:

I write better as I write more, seems obvious enough, like anything I do I get better by practicing, also my english is getting a little bit better and I am able to construct more complex images and feelings.

I write better when I listen to music, music without lyrics so I’m not distracted, I also select the music that is in tune with my emotional state in the moment.

I write better when I don’t know what I am going to write about, oddly enough I don’t like to think about what I am writing before I start typing as I feel a lot less in the moment, like recalling a memory and not experiencing something in the present. I hardly edit the first form of my writing and try to transmit an idea or feeling naturally from the first time. I think writing should be as natural as talking and i don’t rehearse before I speak to people.

I write better when I feel strongly, the best texts I’ve written so far were the ones that were written in an emotional state, when I felt happiness or sadness, anger or calmness, And this is by far the best way to write something in my opinion, very powerful, I don’t know how emotions creep into the words as I don’t recall doing something different.

I write better when I don’t want to impress, I write for myself and If others like of course I am happy, but If I write with an audience in mind it never works, Is like I am detached and I am wondering what someone wants to hear and then I write it, this never ends in anything valuable.

I write better when I write on my blog, the instant feedback of a blog when you post something that you write is incredible, I am like a child in the candy store, I wait for a like for a follow and that motivates me.

I write better when I squeeze a lot of information in a small text, I think being able to be concise and not linger and over explain something, hinting, provoking is far better than being to explicit, I like short texts and when I feel I’m getting bored I stop, I take my emotional state as a template for others and end it, like I’m doing now!