So few people question the things they know. Why are we afraid of questions? what is it that we put our eyes in the ground and say, I don’t care about that and that, why so defensive, why so afraid?

It was a time in my life when I know a lot less than today, and I thought I knew a lot, I always felt smart and sharp, but that was true only because I was surrounded by people who didn’t question anything, I was merely better than the people who surrounded me at that time.

I know now that when you feel smart and shure of your self you must find new people who challenge you, you must find new resources to study and grow, smartness is just a sign that tells you to change environment.

I learned a lot by questioning, I used to absorb what my parents said, my teachers said, people at tv said, but I noticed something at some point, something very troubling… When I looked closer, deeper, I saw that everyone was very shure of every conclusion that they taught me, but very few, not to say nobody knew why that conclusion was correct, no methodology, no structure, nothing. Everything from morality, to dangers in the world, to the organisation of society itself and personal development was based on others conclusions acquired from older people, mindlessly and unquestioned.

So I say to you now, question, see beneath the mask of certainty, understand what is right and wrong, decide in your own mind, using structure and logic, don’t be the passive feeder of conclusions, ask why! there is a reason why so many people are bothered by questions… You had a parent, a teacher, a friend, that reacted negatively when you asked why, when you asked him to make the logical case of his conclusion and he was mad, why? because he didn’t know why, and he knew then that everything he thinks he knows doesn’t belong to him, he never thought…

Advice: Look for people who love questions, when you ask them something they light up and begin explaining, look for fiery eyes of passion and compassion!