It was a time when if you thought of something you were probably the first, but now in this world that we live in, if you think at something, you are probably late by at least a couple of years. Today you can’t have original ideas, everything becomes shared, even genius, we want to feel that we are individuals, we like to think we have our own ideas, how socking when you find that, everything you are is other people. We are made of other people, our parents, and after that we get only bigger, our friend, our teachers, the hobo in the street, our favorite stars, our leaders and our criminals, we are a jungle. How can you be sane in a world that gets bigger and bigger and the number of people in you only grows. We look at people who hear voices in their head, and say they are crazy, but do you hear the voices in your head? When you do something dangerous, do you hear you parents telling you to be carefull? You and me and everyone else are connected, we are connected by our minds, we contaminate each other and this is wonderful. Think, and see how much of you is yours!