What have I done? I’ve completed 18 years of school. At 7 I entered the black hole of my life, I know people say that school is good, and how can you say that, but read on. I start young, I don’t know how to think for myself so I trust my parents, they say that school is a wonderful place and that I will learn so many things. The first 2 years were terrifying to me, teachers yelling at little kids in the classroom for not standing still, for wanting to do what they wanted… I was petrified in my little corner, I never experienced this kind of abuse. I saw children that hit and yelled and swore, none were friends with me, because I didn’t want to, I had nothing to say to them, except for two or three kids I had no friends at school. I always talked to them, but they were not interesting to me.

As time passed, I kept doing my homework, listening to my parents that this is the step for a successful life, day and night I endured, hours, days, months, years, 18 years. I sat at a desk, passively watching teachers, I learned as much as I could but I didn’t like it, actually I hated it, but I was trapped, my parents were so proud when I was the first in my class and so disappointed and despaired when I wasn’t. Everything in school Is fake, relationships, teachers, kids, environment, ideas, life… I was in a cage, a prison with nice furniture, I couldn’t leave, for a good chunk of time I didn’t know I could, for the rest, I couldn’t accept the consequences, I was trapped in an invisible prison that I could not define. I studied years the best I was, teachers were proud, parents the same, I was too, at the beginning.

As time passed I started to realise that this life was not mine, this life, was one life lived by millions of children, we were like factory dolls. I was moved through a factory, each step like a little robot, first class, first year, second class, second year, new features were added, I was trained like a dog…

Nobody in this putrid system that I dare not say educational, said, why this is mandatory, why I don’t have a choice or why do we have to listen that person if we want to do something else, why couldn’t we keep learning something we enjoyed after the bell rang, everyone was happy and ignored the subtle violence that crept in every crevice of this monstrous machine. I was socked when I realised this and I lost all trust in my parents judgement that day.

After 12 years of school being the first, second or third in my class I finished. I had to choose a college, I was told that this will be completely different and I was fooled again, I seem to be quite gullible… So I chose architecture, of course six years past before I finally understood that It was more or less the same.

I look now back on my life and see that I don’t remember years of my life, what did I do in school, I don’t know, I have more memories since I was four to seven, when I was free. And the sad part is that 90% of what I learned in school didn’t help me. I hated reading, because I was forced to read books that I didn’t like. I hated everything and smiled so everyone could be happy, except me. You see, school didn’t help me, no really, it didn’t, it’s even worse than that, it almost made me hate learning… I had so much negative experience around the process of learning, that I felt really angry when I studied something outside of school, and that made me think, that made me realize something…

As I can clearly see now, every skill I have, I learned out of school, in my spare time, almost nothing came from all this schools. If I could decide now for my younger self… I wouldn’t put my foot in a mandatory school, and that I can tell you with my hand on my chest.

People say that you waste time playing video games, having fun in the park, but I can tell you, I never wasted more time like all the time I spent in school, and thought I didn’t. As I write this I almost have my eyes in tears, that’s how I know that I wasted the best time of my life, forever.

I do admire children this days that have the courage to not stay in this prison, and be criticized by virtually everyone, blamed and snarled at, I am worried that like I once felt, they started to hate learning and not schools, they don’t know what the problem is, they just know they don’t want to be there. I see that nobody address their feelings, and I’m afraid that we will lose as a society, our leaders, the people who stand on their feet, don’t comply and speak their mind. We will lose them, and they, from leaders will become resentful and fueled with this hate they will become brilliant thieves and criminals, because we didn’t care for our children, they will not care for us…