Why do we collaborate? What is the motive? Efficiency, genetics, laziness, greed, insecurity, comfort, purpose, acceptance, reassurance? collaboration is just the realisation that we are not eternal, we don’t live forever and so to reach our goal we need to find others with the same purpose and together resolve the problems in front of us. And I say that by needing others to realize your goals, you develop relationships and you start to care about the people around you, a practical necessity, you now,¬†genuinely care about the wellbeing of another person because you relay on them and they relay on you.

This web of relationships keep society glued together. If we were god, all-knowing and all powerful we wouldn’t know empathy, because we wouldn’t need it, we wouldn’t need to care about others and so didn’t need their help and support. We would accomplish everything on our own. So I think that our limitation is our greatest gift and without it we will be less human. The sad part is that a lot of people today are educated for a win-lose negotiation and they are taken advantage by people lacking empathy and mutual respect.

To make a better society I think we must educate our children to negotiate, to strive for win-win negotiations and have the power and self-esteem high enough so that they won’t accept exploration from anyone.