You twitch, you turn and crawl, your body listens you no more and days pass, hot rain trickles on you face and nothing happens, no miracle, no sudden spark of genius, you stay in the mud, you crawl to you knees and ask yourself if you had a seizure or something. No drama can save you from long hours and pain, the progress you’re making is earned in little steps, so small that you’re standing still. Each word is placed there with care, the choice is hard, words don’t seem to lack abundance so how will you choose, how will you build your bridge to others? What words will be your pillars?

You first must catch attention, from thousands of words combined in millions of ways, yours must be special, emotional, effective. But now that you have this attention? What will you do? Don’t cower and retreat, don’t hide your word back in your flesh. You now express the problems that you have. And in your quest to outline this ache, you must again keep focus, emotions must be present and as you write you’ll feel them. And in the end, it’s your decision if you leave the question be, or try to pin it down with words that are more difficult to find.