We live like children, forever watched, eyes behind our backs, the time progresses, the loving hand grasps harder. We are afraid, but smiles pop around like flowers in the spring and just like flowers, die in our souls. No one can raise their voice, it’s not polite, no one can talk, but freedom is the most important word, and words mean nothing without action. We fool ourselves we can control our lives, we fidget in our minds but we don’t dare to bring our fears in the world. Like children we pretend, hide and seek, peek-a-boo. Each year, power grows and concentrates, the hour-glass gets squeezed of its last juices and we find smiling in a cage a little harder.

Will we wake up? or this is the reality? We’ll try to change? To take back all the power, we so gladly gave away? For fear, for lies, for ignorance. We live dangerous and thrilling times, nothing is decided. The balance is broken, the forces are in battle and the outcome will be freedom or slavery.