Who’s this man?
Who’s this old man and why should I care?
He failed, he had the world and now he’s done!
Why should I care?

I’m young I have my chance,
I don’t care about the old,
Why should I?

This man, this old man,
He failed, o, he failed,
But you should learn,
Why should you care?

This man succeeded,
This man has failed more than you,
More than every one,
That’s why you care!

When all abandoned,
He failed again,
When all resigned,
He would not stop,

He is now wise,
Success is just the crown,
Over your failed life,
He is now complete.

You shouldn’t smirk,
And brush him off,
You should be proud,
He want’s to speak to you.

Don’t close your doors,
And make the same mistakes,
Don’t think you’re better,
And copy all his previous mistakes.

Be better, feel,
Be gentle, change,
Learn and succeed.
That’s why you listen…