Fill it in the throat, bring it to the light, the waiting stops, clocks beat around your mind. You feel it breath, you know it’s there, no one can feel your salty tears of joy. Inside of you something is born, it has no body and no form, it’s just a thought, that needs to travel. It’s all of you that brings this thought to life, the food you ate last supper, the post you read this second. Atoms creating thoughts, atoms creating cells, tissue, just in time. In time for you to speak you mind, free to say your thought, like every other atom in the world. You speak, the moment swells your heart, you’ve done it. The air vibrates, the birth is done, once absent, now present, your thought. Rest, rest now for you are tired, the moment passed and now you think, the process starts again. This time you’ll make it better.