The last human is looking out the window, this night is the last night in the universe, he looks at the dying sky, the stars go out forever, the grass is dry, the sap that once gave it life has stopped. This human is grasping his arms like he wants to hug himself, to feel better, to stop time. He is afraid, afraid of dying forever. He is the last human the loneliest person on earth.

His face is cold a cold grimace takes over his form. There is nothing more to do, nothing more to achieve, no future, the time is ending, the infinite stops, every drop of rain floats in mid-air and shines with light from the last star. This human knows everything, he understand the universe, no mystery for him, he is now bored. This is the moment when the universe understood itself, the moment of perfect symmetry, the reason people exist.

It is done, our man sits in perfect silence and asks, why do I exist? The simple question the perfect question that was asked by every human in history. I exist to understand myself. I am built from atoms, simple, lifeless, brainless, and by chance and order I became conscious, complex and full of questions, it’s the universe, unconscious riddle for its self. I tried forever to answer and now at the end I know, I know the answer and I don’t care, the passion put in asking this is gone, time is gone, the universe is collapsing, I wasted time when I had it, I refused to use it for my happiness, now all I have are my own arms, the universe is collapsing, and the things I never did remain undone forever.

I don’t get to live all my lives but I should at least live the happiest one, the one that makes me and others happy. The universe will not last forever. The last human, how will he end the story of us all? What will his final thought, his final emotion be when he thinks about our present?  Will we let him pass into oblivion without remorse?