I just think of what will happen if I just don’t pay my taxes and refuse the services of the state… What will happen, what is the price that I have to pay for not wanting to give the money that I earn for things that I don’t want?

I suspect that after some time, maybe one month, maybe six, I will get a letter, in my empty mail box, and the letter will say something like this: O good sir, a little problem we have not received your money that you owe to the country! so be kind and please send us our fair share.; so I keep my position I don’t pay the taxes and just wait.

After some more time, after I refuse, I get another letter but this is the letter wrote in blood: We demand your money now, no more nice guys, no more taking, give the money or prison is for you!; All is good and violence starts to appear.

After even more time, people like me and you but in uniforms will knock on my apartment door. Knock, knock! Who is there? I ask, Police! I don’t want to open the door, I’m on my property, but this guys have a paper from a guy called “Judge” and this man has agreed to break my door down. So this armed men come inside my house and then ask for me. I say hello why are you inside my house, I didn’t let you in. This men are not nice, the say they will “arrest” me for not paying my taxes. I propose to them: let me not pay you money and off course not use your services, and no harm is done. This men answer NO. I continue and I say that I need no medical aid, I don’t need the schools and police, I don’t need them so I will get this services from others in the market place. This men say NO. After this they start to drag me out, they put handcuff on my wrists, I struggle to escape, I make my last mistake, one of them puts his hand on his holster grabs the gun and aims, and I drop dead… It’s a sunny day, I am buried in a hole, I disappear from this earth forever…

What did I do? Did I use violence? Can’t I refuse services, can’t I refuse to pay for things that I don’t want? Is that a crime?And if that is a crime, breaking in a man’s home, trying to kidnap him, killing him for resisting kidnaping is right?

We are used with force, we don’t even see, we are caged but cages can be broken.