All the world are now colliding, all the ancestors are begging, just stop, children please, just don’t do this please, all you need to do is stop. Wait and think and ask the question, don’t obey your brutal masters, just destroy your preconception, don’t divide your human nature, don’t fragment the things you question. Everyone is fighting everyone… Stop and think about what brings you closer stop obsessing about colours and your gender and your country, stop and listen to each other, ask why this is so important, why the crisis, what’s the problem? Brake the cycle, break the pattern, when the other slaps the table, you just stop and put your hand over, feel his pulsing feel his anger, do the thing that no one did for him/her, ask why it’s so fucking painful, ask why no one cares? Let the wars extinguish, let the faces smile, let the wounds just heal. We are fighting, we are violent, for as long as we remember, from the cell that first evolved in the sea. It is up to us if we end the cycle and we start cooperating, we put down the gun, we rise up the hand and shake it firm.