Nicely seat at the table and engorge everything you see in your field of view. All that we know is to eat and drink, Ho, HO, Ho, no question Santa is fat. No meaningful talk, just give me that food and that food, all is shallow, la, la, la, and we are artificially happy, ooo yes this is the season to be jolly!!! Like you will your happiness, like is has nothing to do  with your environment and the connection you have to people around you. It seems to me people use holidays to fabricate the life that they have missed, the life the want, happy, connected, peaceful, plentiful… but to live in fantasy is a very dangerous thing, you will be trapped in this product of your mind and mistake it with reality.

I am never happy when holidays come, the stress, the tension, everything has to be right, the food, everyone’s tired, nervous, and then after all is done, peacefulness, fake peacefulness descends over all. I see all of this and it turns my stomach. Why do we have to change our behavior when the clock strikes? This is idiotic, why do we need to cook certain foods? We should just take a break and do the stuff that makes us happy, our hobbies, our books, movies, dances, parks, people, we should use this time for meaningful things, our own, not this cultural bullshit.