I do like Santa he is a nice man, bringing gifts and all, but I have a problem; why is he so eager to spy on everyone, why is he making lists and why obedience to parents is his only criteria for goodness and badness? Why every imaginary being that brings a gift also brings a stick? Have we become so cowardly that we can’t face our children and tell them “You did something I didn’t like please don’t do that”, why? Maybe because if we do that, we also have to respect that to them, when they say; “mom, dad I don’t like that please don’t do that”, Why is so hard to respect each other? Maybe because you as a child experienced that, one way morality, and now when you see your child it makes you hurt, it brings you back in your relationship with your parents, and you feel the pain again, helpless, powerless, but now you can impose, you can rebel, but this child is not your parent, don’t crush his heart too. Let go of gods, and santa and fists and anger, you have a child, innocent, loving, that wants you, that looks up to you, Would you love yourself if you were him?

Marry Christmas!!!