I am writing on a computer, I am typing and word appear on a screen, I can use it to its full potential but I don’t know how it works. I drive a car, I am a good driver, I don’t know how to make a car, I can use everything but I can’t make anything. What is this, what world is this where everyone uses but can’t reproduce anything? Think about it…

No one men or women knows how to produce anything in the modern age. Let’s take a phone, if you want to make it you need to know how to extract the oil that it’s used for making plastic, you have to know how to make the factory that makes the case, the hardware and software, the smelter, you will have to pretty much know every industrial process of a modern society.

We have no rulers, we can’t have, as none can understand everything, non can impose nothing, we can only negotiate. Imagine how beautiful the world will be when parents will not force their children, when people will not force people, when governments will dissolve not by violence but by the lack of it, when almost no one will desire to try to solve the problems of society by force, and those who support such madness, shamed.

We will continue on the path to freedom, faster or slower but this is inevitable, this is the way we are evolving, no one can stop it. It is the inevitable developement of our brain, we come from violence, the violence of animals where reason was completely absent and we strive to reason and logic that creates the second choice, negotiation, mutual advantage. Enough with violence, we tried it for as long as we existed… It doesn’t work.