Agrrr, zap, bla, bla, obey, good, remove, zzzz, the machine is stopping… silence, the procedure is done says the doctor.

– Good, says the mysterious man, let me talk to him.

– Ok, this way.

– Are you awake?

– I, I am.

– Do you know your name?

– Aaaa, my name? it’s, mmm, I don’t remember.

– That’s because you didn’t have a name before, you were like a wild beast, now we will call you The Cripple, Krip for short.

– I like Krip, sounds nice.

– Glad.

– Do you remember our last talk?

– Yes.

– What do you think about that now? Do you understand our sacrifice? Do you see how much good we’ve done?

– Yes, I didn’t know, I didn’t comprehend before, it’s very embarrassing for me, put myself against the evolution of the species…

– Don’t worry, you are now all better, you are a new human. Let’s go to the distribution centre to see where will you live and what to work.

– let’s go.

The city of Axis was wonderful, everything was organised and nobody wasted anything, it worked like a swiss clock. No pollution, no famine, no injustice. It really is the paradise promised by the oldest of religions. Walking down the hallways, of a nest like structure, the unnamed man walked with Krip, he smiles, he feels like everything is in place. Krip a little aloof walks with his knees a little flexed. The sun shines, the glare shines in Krips eyes but he doesn’t close his eyes, he is not scared of the light anymore. The unnamed man holds his shoulders, you are safe now, I will make sure of that. The elevator platform in front, the two-step on and go up.

– You know Krip… you are like my son, like the son that rejoins his abandoned family, you are here under my protection, under the protection of your father.

– I’m sorry.

They get of the top floor, the assessment room is close ahead. The door opens, a kind women invited them inside.

– Welcome, inaudible, and who is this?

– He is Krip, he is a newborn, we need to find him a place to live and a job, said the unnamed man.

– O well let me evaluate him and will be done in 30 minutes.

– I’ll wait outside.

– So you are Krip?

– Yes I am, smiled Krip.

– What do you like to do for a living Krip?

– I like to dance, to swim, to eat, to create.

– How do you prefer to live? I like to have funny neighbors, in their mid 30’s, and hot women. I would like a hot women to be my girlfriend if you can do that.

– Let’s see, ok, I have something here, a nice job at a food art gallery near the seashore. Yes, tap, tap, I see women preferences, defined hot, we have a little shortage of hot women, but I think I can squeeze you in, you can have a hot girl but you’ll have to share her with two other guys. You will live in an apartment in the west part of Axis.

– But I don’t want to share my hot girl… the rest is perfect.

– No can do, the demand is to high for hot women, we try to best serve everyones needs, we just can’t do that. We have a lot of women that have no partners but they’re not hot, do you want one?

– … No, I’ll share…

– Good, we are done.

– Bye.

– Let’s go Krip, this way. (to be continued)