The room is dark, my hands, my legs, what is this slime? I don’t understand what do you want, what have I done? I am normal person, why kidnap me? Hello!!

– Hello…

– Who are you?

– We are the Peaceful.

– Why did you kidnap me?

– We did not kidnap you, you violated the LAW, you are not a new human.

– What, new human? I am a human nothing else, eyes widening.

– Human yes, but you must become a NEW human, the better kind, like all the residence of Axis, one of our most important cities. We are very proud of it, haven’t you seen it? haven’t you seen how beautiful and organised and prosperous it is? Do you know why it is so?

– No, but please don’t hurt me!

– Stop whining, the story goes like this: In 2038 humanity went bankrupt and chaos was upon us, people starved, mothers begged for their children food, 2 billion people died, starved to death, the first time in history that so many people died so fast. But why did we get here? From our analysis we discovered that the problem was too much freedom, too much diversity, too much variables for a complex system to work. People were too lazy, too greedy, they were becoming freer and this led to so much misery. At some point people wanted to get rid of all government, manipulated by anarchist in to believing that without government they will be free and happy. Poor fouls, they starved to death. So after some resistance we began to change the world…

– Some resistance, what kind of resistance?

– O nothing important, some people just can’t admit they failed, we had to use some measures to eliminate the threat.

– You killed them!

– I didn’t kill anyone, I was not born yet, why do you try to ruin my story, this is the best part. Listen and don’t interrupt.

– Grrrrr…

– So after the whole, free market bullshit system failed, our state organisation was first to take a stand, to propose something that was never before seen in the entire human history… We proposed the New Human Alternative(NHA).

– What is NHA?

– We proposed to change the human mind, to make people good, to take away the bad parts, and keep the good. Isn’t it wonderful? To tweak all humans so that we can have no war, no inequality, no terrorist, nu racism, no bad stuff. Can’t you see how much good we have done?

– I can’t belive you can do that. All humans? why didn’t they resist? why?

– Because they knew they were sinners and wanted this evil extracted from them, most people came voluntarily, some had to be forced, for the good of all.

– I don’t think you can decide what good of all is…

– You won’t be so defiant when you’ll be a new human… the process will start soon.

– I don’t want to be one, did you transform all people? are you one of the new humans?

– Mmmm, no, the ones in the Peaceful organisation are not new humans, you see, the process alters the memories and you forget certain things if we transform ourselves we could not continue transforming others, for the good of all we must remain old, no day passes that I don’t regret this.

– Nooo.

– Begin!