Wind blowing, grass unusually purple? what is going on, o child runs to his father they hug. Something is strange there is a lot of vegetation but we are in a city, no more asphalt? this is strange.

I can hear birds and no unpleasant sounds, wow is like a park but all over. look a newspaper, the date 2099. What is this a typo? we are in 2014, we can’t, we, I must be dreaming, nice a lucid dreaming, now I can walk around, let’s see.

I look around. Hmm, no cars, how do they transport everything? O look people on bikes and on segways, all have interesting cloths. All seem unusually relaxed, mmm. The buildings are so tall, you can’t see where it ends, well some are, some are smaller, some are interconnected in a hive like manner, expanding over kilometers like an organism, vegetation and all. I want to talk to someone, that nice woman just a few steps from me, siting on the odd-looking chair in the middle of the street, well garden street.


-Gordaj, belocro!

-What? i don’t seem to undestand…

-Licrop periol, deric mir, mir dicor?

-Do you speak english?


Strange I don’t know what language is that, o well must move one, a lot more to see. I like that buildings don’t have windows here, it’s like open space, it must be windy inside, what kind of men build that? O I’ll go in this building to see the city from above. Elevator, where is it, mmmm, maybe this platform here? ooo, I’m floating, I go up and down and stay, why? how do I control this? hmmm with my hands go up raise hands go down lower hands, neet!

Let’s go up then. This is high enough, well many people on this floor, but nobody is suspicious, I’m on the edge. there’s no glass but it’s some kind of field if I put my hands through I feel the air, outside. All of this building seems suspiciously like a living thing, organic in shape, soft.

I look at myself. I’m naked? O, how did I miss that? Nobody cares, so many people and the don’t give a damn I stand here naked? what is wrong with this place. Must find something to put on.  I must find a shop of some kind, I have no idea where, this people don’t speak my language, and now I’m to naked to ask them, no-no, this must be a dream, come on wake up.

I stand on a bed, open my eyes, a dream it was, ha ha, weird. I must make some coffee, hmm, la la la, go to the kitchen, where, what, this is not my house! This is strange, I can not see, I, I don’t, my knees!  (to be continued)