Living in the flesh of life (audio)

I’m not a failure, I will not lose this chance of life. I will not write that on my tombstone, the dead will not sob but the living! I can’t fail, it’s not in my genes, my brain has no concept of this, and I see that I waste time and I fight to keep on track, but is this my conscious part or is it my unconscious part, how do I bind those two together, how do I make the cocktail work?  A failure I know I wont be, but how high can I now reach? What are the problems to be solved, what is the book I’ll write in my own name? What do all this people say about the one, that did what could be done.

Failure is not an option, you can only fail so that you can succeed, it’s not that failure is bad, it’s only bad if you just stop. My timeline is the way I measure, the most important thing, to end it in success. I can fail all my life but never stopping, never backing, that the wining part. We do not know the future. I do not know my future, but what I know is this, I will not surrender, I will not die before my time is done, I will not fail to be alive! I’ll die spent without anything to say or do ar feel, I’ll give all I have to others so they have something to write in their hearts. We all want immortality, but this is not in haven or in hell, it’s in the living flesh of life, in nature and in people, in bits and bites we last forever.