The tired hand has  slapped the wooden bord! I’m done, done, done. In all the world my voice is heard. 6 years past all time is wrapped, I need to cool my systems down, no need to cry, the deed is done, the sky is blue and I like you. The project fills the end, my diploma in hand. So much time in school and I forgot how  to live, I see the world, not just a screen but real people and real trees, I’m walking tall, the springy step, ha ha ha, people are looking suspicious at me, I smile and their eyes flutter. Ha ha ha ha the air is fresh I am the happiest today, this is my moment don’t disturb, go on if you don’t have a smile. I wave to stranger one waves back, I guess that’s not that bad.

It feels like life is just beginning and I’m ready to engage, this is my hand, this is my brain, they work together it’s a fact cuz I have a paper from a group of people, ha ha, that is so dum, just so much time, I could have done more usefully things, but it is over and I’m glad that I’m just starting to wake up.