I see abstract, the sun is ashes in my mouth, the rain is dripping down my soul, there is no mist to cover up my soul, exposed I walk around the void and see the mountain. It’s steep and I can only dream, my eyes are failing, my feet are shaking, their strength is not what’s promised. I see the grass it yells at me and I just smile, I crush the tender foliage and walk along the path. The wind is sharp, my mind sharper. Information, purity, all is constructed around me, I’m trapped in reality, the cage is complete, the path is set, I walk, I run, I back. The moon tricks me into darkness, the hand is fresh the brain is firm. My body feels like stone but crushed. I am the sand I flow, but not like water, I don’t have such consistency, I scatter in the sharpest wind and in the universe I meet the long dead star, my mother. I walk the time, I walk my life, I sing my thought and it sings me. I am immaterial, I shed my reality and remain pure consciousness. O the speed, the eternity, I meet my mentors, I meet all my people, I meet all of me.