I watch the YouTube time bar, is that my life? is it slowly ending, I can’t seem to pause my time bar. I want to be digital I want to be played millions of times, I want to upload myself to eternity. This is the age, the age when we can choose not to die. I will live forever, but will I do something with this gift, am I worthy of such power? how many people have disappeared before this time, why me, why us, why now? Is it the time? is the time of change, do we do it now? we change the world, we fill the word with ourselves.

I will be written but I’ll be a finite story, I will not change, I will not grow, I’ll be a voice that sings in to the ether. This is the generation this is the moment that history will put the 0 on. We are the new Jesus Christ, we are the second coming. We are the generation that thinks we will bring logic to every child, we will bring questions to all. I feel the smile grow on my face, am I to hopeful? all this minds, all this power forever in the web, how can it not change the world? I see horizontal propagation I see hierarchies collapsing, sheep dispersing, sheep ascending to the human form, the rhythm accelerating, the speed is phenomenal, we surpass ourselves and the younger surpass us faster, furiously.

I wonder why we always see the young inferior, is it our limitation to not see their genius? we suffer in silence our incapacity to comprehend? are we envious of their opportunity to grow? I see in myself the joy to help other to see better than before and the ecstasy of learning something new, something that can put another piece on my ever-growing self. even thou I will forever remain an unfinished piece.