– Cooper what are you doing?

Cooper is looking aimlessly around, trying to get a grasp on something…

– Let me be mom I’m trying to build a shrine!

– Ooo, i see for our lord Golden, why didn’t you say that, I’ll help you, said the mother with a warm face.

The two started building a little table, put some candles on it, a nice little picture of God that they quickly drown was put in the centre space and everything seamed to fit. The two were happy they managed to finish this task. As they verified that everything si in order the little girl of the house, the youngest of them all entered the room, her name was 2chainzz.

– hello everyone, can I help? asked the little girl.

Everyone smiled, of course you can, bring me the crushed plants.

– What are you building here, 2chainzz asked.

– We are building a shrine, Cooper said eagerly.

– For the Golden God! the mother added.

– I have never heard of such a thing before… who is this

Golden God?

– Aaaa, the mothers face begins to collapse into sadness, he is our savior, she sobbed.

– Saved us? From what? the little girl quivers.

– From our sins, we are full of sins my little girl.

– We are born sinful? why is that?

– Let me tell you a story, in fact the truth. The Golden God was like us in appearance, he is in fact in all of us, he is full of miracles and has done extraordinary deeds. It is said that every morning when he woke up he had food waiting for him to eat. He did not work for his food, he just ate, bless him, bless his power, the mothers eyes filled with fiery faith.

– How can you explain this, said 2chainzz?

– It’s a miracle, said Cooper, you don’t explain it.

– Listen, i am not finished with my story, the mother whispered, he had everything he wished for, he could imagine the unimaginable, he was wise, he could do things that none of us can, he could walk on the divine rhythm, he could make a bow and gifts were given to him, he could sleep all day and wake up only for his fun and pleasure. This is the Golden God, bless him.

– Ooo I see mom, I can feel his power when you speak about him.

– His blonde hair, his long blond hair, he lived for 20 years it is said, on earth, before he ascended to heaven.

– How long ago this happened? 2chainzz asked.

– It was a long time ago almost 200 years ago. I almost forgot about his deeds of valor, he was indeed fearless, he fought everyone how dared challenge his rule, his territory was his and his alone and he crushed everyone in his path ignorant enough to face him, but he was loving and kind.

– How can he be loving and at the same time crush everyone that opposed him? 2chainzz asked.

– I don’t know, but this is not the point, the point is he is glorious, and stop with so many questions, can’t you let me finish my story, facts about the Golden?

– Sorry mom, do continue.

– Nothing to apologise darling, God, yes, he could part walls by touching them, he could look you in the eyes and make you feed him, nothing is impossible to him. Ok there are many more stories about him but it’s getting late and we must finish this shrine.

Cooper nodded, he only wanted to work with his hands and not talk endlessly about the Golden God.

But 2chainzz was a little sceptical, she wanted to belive what her mother said because she loved her and she couldn’t belive that she lies, but on the other hand she tought that this story is not based on anything that she experienced in her life, it’s to magical, like any other story, why would this story be true and the others false, what is the difference? The day ended, Cooper was building, the mother was believing and 2chainzz was thinking.