Why do you think, what is thinking, I am as sad as the world allows me to be, I dream of life and life is beautiful, i want the grass crunch under my feet. I see, I see all around me and I’m afraid, why do we all need to scream and cry and all is painless. The hour is here the time is stuck, only the gods can feel the drama.

Why do i write this kind of stuff, why do i need to prove my self, there is no end, there is no purpose, all I need is peace and fire, I’m bored but I’m on fire. What can I do what can i dream, is this the time to break my mind? o, what I see is glorious and free, a world that speaks and does not shiver.

All that we need is to belive, is to remember all our life, is not waste the time we have and to decide for us alone. I see the end, I see it like it’s never there, or is it not the end, is it the beginning, is it? I want to feed but not my gut, i need to feed my mind with knowledge, but it’s so much static that I see, and rarely I catch a channel. O all my life i wanted to know what I know now and I feel so sad it took me so long.

I want to be efficient and sharp, I need to make the words sing my song, but I don’t know how, I  feel alone, I am alone among so many people, I can not say I am too sad, I never wanted to be part of them, I only want for them to be awakened and to see. I’m sad they’re blind, I do not seem to move them with my words, I’m frustrated and I see no end, I see no beginning.