What do you want? you want me to follow you, I don’t need you to tell me what i am, i have a brain, i have a life, do not impose what can’t be done.

The song is clear, freedom I hear I do not bow to anyone by choice, I do not grind the floor with humbleness. I am just me and all I wish, is for you to be you and not me. I need my space and you need yours, let’s all respect the boundaries we make, do not destroy the boundaries of thought because this boundary is real like that of flesh. And to be ruled what is this madness, what is this masochistic show?

why do we need to beg our masters, instade of watching for ourselves, what is this surrender of the mind, what is this pathological idea that we can be slaves and free at the same time. I feel the need to scream silent in my mind, not because the world can’t hear me but because I can’t hear myself, I can’t hear myself think, I can’t hear me. Am I still here, do I still exist? I need to check, but how?

How can you be so shure you are you and not the eco of a culture, what it the thing that sets you apart from the world? so many questions that I ask so few answers I receive. What do I think is it inside my mind, why me, why I? the world is full of vibrant life, but still I think, I lost my thought, it’s so curious to write directly from your mind, is like you empty all the oceans in a vase. O I am happy, o actions need to be the reason, all that I do I do for fun and introspection.